Monday, August 19, 2013

Schoolhouse Expo Day 1

Normally, it's my Schnickelfritz who is always checking the clock and the stack of remaining subjects in our homeschool.  Today it was my turn.  You see, the Schoolhouse Expo started today and the sooner we finished, the sooner I could plop down in front of the computer and start soaking in the good stuff.  I'd missed the introduction and first speaker, but that's all right.  I'll get access to all the recordings a few weeks after the seminar--as will any ticket holder.

I began by download the seminar handbook --a whole 99 pages of workshop notes, speaker bios, and the daily schedules.  Some speakers included their Power Point slides, others just had space for taking notes.  They all had websites and contact information so I could follow up when I heard something interesting.

It was great!  Unlike attending a workshop in person, I could work on other tasks while I listened--I updated our coursework in my computerized school planner, I cut out timeline figures,  I even worked out with my SpinGym!  In fact, even as I post this I'm listening to attorney Antony Kolenc speak on Five Common Legal Mistakes Homeschoolers Make.

Screenshot from Barbara Beer's Spelling, Grammar, and Latin, Oh My!

My favorite speaker of the day was Evonne Mandella.  By the end of her workshop I had a long list of websites offering free multi-media tools that my son and I can use in school from  PicMonkey to Weebly.  I can use it to make lessons more visually interesting, but my son can also use them for projects and pick up skills he'll be able to use in the marketplace someday.  Evonne shared how she had submitted a homemade video to a Christian TV network and now she gets paid by them for her submissions!

It's not too late to get a ticket.  And remember you'll get access to the recordings for today's workshops when the Expo is over.

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