Friday, May 3, 2013

4-H Field Trip

Schnickelfritz had a "behind-the-scenes" tour as part of his 4-H project.  Can you guess where he went?

It was noisy and there were lots of big machines (leaving us very little room to stand and observe).  Need another clue?  Look carefully at the next picture.

Do you see the white objects at the bottom, can you tell what they are?  Here's a different angle.

For the final day of his bowling project we got to go back and see the pin setting machines.  I never imagined the complexity...or the expense.  The sweeper arm that brushes the pins to the back during the frame can cost $20,000!  So please don't throw a ball at it if it gets stuck in the down position--you just make bowling games that much more expensive for everyone if it needs to be replaced. 

Also, for safety's sake, if an employee has to go behind the lane to fix something in your lane DON'T resume bowling until you see them come out of the back area again...even if your lane looks ready.  They could be reattaching a panel or something and these machines could crush them if they still had an arm in the way.

This was one of those local field trips I'd never thought about.  We had had 8 weeks of lessons in the history, rules and how-tos of bowling.  I bet that a bowling alley would be happy to do a tour for a homeschool group if they came and bowled a game or two.  Our local alley has cheaper rates for games & shoes if you come during the day (and it's not smoky then either).  Fritz loves watching machinery at work...but his favorite part was being given one of the damaged pins to take home.


Karyn Tripp said...

How fun to be able to go behind the scenes!

Stefanie said...

I remember taking a similar tour when I was younger. Super fun!

Miranda said...

What fun! My kids would love to do that. :)

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

Cool field trip! I've never seen "behind the scenes" at a bowling alley.

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